Consumer Information

Baylor University is accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Consumer information about School of Education programs is reported on the TEA website at the “Consumer Information” link below, and below that, we have provided information for navigating the site and links to pages of specific interest.

Consumer Information about Educator Preparation Programs

Pages within this site of particular interest:

• Accountability System for Educator Preparation (ASEP).

This dashboard provides a ranking for each program in Texas.

On this page, scroll to Baylor University within the box on the left under “ASEP Accreditation Statuses.” Below is a screen shot of this chart with Baylor highlighted. For 2020, the State of Texas declared a natural disaster due to COVID, and all programs received the status of “Accredited - Not Rated.”

ASEP Ranking

• Certification exam pass rates for all Texas programs — PPR are also available on the TEA site HERE.

To find Baylor, look in the light yellow bar just under the words “Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam Pass Rates.” On the far right, click "Filter by EPP Name” and choose Baylor. (EPP is Educator Preparation Program.) The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam is the general exam for certification. Below is a screen shot for Baylor for 2019, the most recent year posted currently. (Jan. 3, 2022)

PPR for 2019


Exams for specific subject matter and for administrator certification are listed separately in a similar chart HERE. The filter for EPP is second from the left, and then you may filter by separate “Content Pedagogy Exam.” The chart will show you the number of candidates statewide, how many passed statewide, and then the same data for the program you select. Baylor has a 100% rate in all categories except one, which has a 99% rate. Below is the data for 2019 (latest year available) for “Core Subjects EC-6,” typically referred to as Elementary Education:

EC6 rate