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About Us

The Caregiver Coaching project is overseen by Dr. Stephanie Gerow, a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and assistant professor in the Baylor School of Education’s Department of Educational Psychology.

She is passionate about supporting families of children with autism, which led her to develop this project. She leads the project team, which includes faculty and graduate students in the field of applied behavior analysis. 

Visit Dr. Gerow's faculty profile HERE.


Three additional faculty, Dr. Tonya Davis, Kristen Padilla-Mainor, and Dr. Jessica Akers, support this project. They are each board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs). They conduct research and teach classes at Baylor University related to evidence-based practices for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.


Our lead therapists are doctoral students in the Educational Psychology Department at Baylor University School of Education. They each have their BCBA certification and have experience working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.


Our therapists are master’s students in the applied behavior analysis program at Baylor University. They are each completing coursework and supervised experiences. Each of our therapists is supervised by a lead therapist, who is a BCBA.

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