MAT Admission Information

  1. Completed applications (Graduate School and School of Education)*
    a. Writing Sample (2-5 page personal statement)
    b. Current Resume
    c. Letters of Reference (2)
  2. Overall GPA of 2.75
  3. Content Area GPA of 2.75
  4. Completed content-specific coursework for middle and secondary education certifications (24 hours in content field with at least 12 hours at 3000 or 4000 level)
  5. Interview
  6. Passing score on TExES content exam in teaching area              
    1. Those seeking middle and secondary education certification must complete and earn a passing score on the diagnostic exam in your designated teaching area prior to admission to the MAT program.
    2. Those seeking EC-6 Elementary certification or All-Level Special Education certification (with or without supplemental certifications in Gifted Education or Special Education) must complete the diagnostic exam for all 5 core subject exams and earn a passing score on at least 3 of the 5 exams, with one of the passing scores being on the mathematics core subject exam. Additionally, all scores will be examined to determine the need for additional review, preparation, and retesting prior to admission to the MAT program.

*Once an application has been accepted by the Baylor Graduate School, the MAT application will be reviewed by the School of Education faculty, and a preliminary decision regarding acceptance will be made. If you receive preliminary acceptance to continue the process, you will be provided information about scheduling your diagnostic TExES content exam. If you obtain a passing score on the diagnostic exam, you will be contacted by a faculty member within your desired certification area to schedule an interview. Following the interview, all application materials will be reviewed and a decision will be made regarding your probationary acceptance in the program. Full program admittance cannot be granted until you take and pass the official TExES content exam and are accepted as a candidate in the SOE/MAT Educator Preparation Program.