Tk20 for Cooperating Teachers


Approving/Rejecting Time Log Entries

When students create a time log entry, they input the email address of their reviewer. The reviewer then receives an email through which they can access and approve/reject the student's entries. Students have been instructed to submit entries on Friday of each week, meaning there should only be one email per week. So be on the lookout for an email from Baylor School of Education with the subject of "Time log approval request for..."

This How-to article will show you how to complete this simple task.

Viewing and Assessing a Field Experience Binder

Viewing and Assessing a Field Experience Binder involves several unique, yet related, tasks. Understanding the layout and sections of the binder, and knowing how to access and enter information are important as you complete the binder assessment.

Read this How-to article to learn how to do it.

Using the Feedback Tab for informal observations and other data.

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