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Transfer Students

The School of Education welcomes transfer students every semester! Transfer students bring a unique perspective to School of Education classrooms.

Baylor's teacher-education program stands apart from the crowd. No other teacher-education program will provide you as many teaching opportunities in local classrooms. This unique exposure to different students also allows you to have experiences with a variety of grade levels and school climates. We want you to be certain of your career path. We also want you to be prepared for the interview process, having many different experiences to pull from as you interview for your first teaching job! CLICK HERE to learn more about our clinical model of teacher preparation.

Are you considering transferring to Baylor’s School of Education? Great! We want to help make that a smooth transition. Follow these steps:

  1. Review our certification areas and planners to see the courses we require HERE
  2. Use Baylor’s Equivalent Course Tool to see what courses you will have completed with your past and current college coursework HERE
  3. Complete your Transfer Student Application HERE
Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students in Education:
  • When should I Transfer to Baylor?
    Our clinical program requires 6 semesters of teaching experiences. We recommend transferring to Baylor a minimum of 6 semesters before you intend to graduate.
  • What is required to get certified as a teacher?
    The state of Texas certifies teachers who have completed an approved educator preparation program and successfully completed certification exams. The Baylor University education program has been approved through the Texas Education Agency.
  • Will my transfer classes count toward teacher certification?
    This will all depend on the major you intend to pursue at Baylor. We recommend you take a look at our degree planners HERE and use the Baylor Equivalent Course Tool HERE to see what classes will transfer in as Baylor equivalents.
  • Whom can I contact for help?
    The SOE has staff members who want to help you through this process! You can contact Ms. Tamara Roznos. She can make sure you get in contact with the appropriate individuals.
  • Am I eligible for Education scholarships?
    Yes, you are! Education majors are eligible for School of Education scholarships. We recommend that you have a current and completed FAFSA. To access the application, click HERE. You would be considered an “Incoming Student.”