Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities

The Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD) is a collaboration between Baylor University and Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s. The center provides expanded assessment and therapy services for Central Texas children with developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and opportunities for interdisciplinary research by combining expertise in medicine, education, psychology, speech and language, among other disciplines.

The Center combines service providers in one central location to synchronize services and provide better coordination and communication for children and families, concentrating on addressing complex issues of children with developmental disabilities through its cooperative research, educational and service programs. The Center also serves as a training venue for Baylor students, who are preparing for related professional careers.

The BCDD is located at the MacArthur Clinic in Waco, 2201 MacArthur Drive, Suite 101.

The Center is composed of three clinics within two divisions:

The Behavioral and Educational Services Division contains the Baylor Autism Resource Clinic (BARC) and the Clinic for Assessment, Research and Education (CARE), while the Speech Language Pathology Division houses the Speech and Language Clinic.

  • BARC services include a resource and material library, advocacy services and an Asperger's Syndrome College Support Group.
  • CARE provides functional behavior evaluations, behavioral therapy, parent and educational consultation, and educational assessments.
  • The Speech and Language Clinic mirrors the services it provides on the Baylor campus by providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages with difficulties in communication processes or swallowing. The range of services includes: screenings, consultation regarding communication delays and disorders, comprehensive evaluations and treatment for speech language, and hearing habilitation and rehabilitation.