SOE Glossary

While in the School of Education, you may hear terminology that is new to you and specific to the Baylor School of Education. This handy glossary will define some of the terms you will experience as part of our community in the School of Education.

Frequently used terms in the SOE (School of Education):

Professional Development School (PDS): A PDS is a local school campus that has completed an application process with the School of Education and has a committed interest in the training of teacher candidates. The administration and staff of a PDS attend trainings with School of Education faculty. The School of Education currently has nine PDS campuses in the greater Waco area.

University Liaison: A University Liaison is a Baylor School of Education faculty member who collaborates with a Professional Development School (PDS) to train Clinical Instructors/Mentor Teachers on the expectations for Baylor students. University Liaisons consistently meet with PDS administration and staff in an effort to assign mutually advantageous field placements. Although a Baylor faculty member, the University Liaison spends much of his/her time on the PDS campus.

Clinical Instructor/Mentor Teacher: Each Baylor SOE student is paired with a successful classroom teacher who has agreed to assist in the training of our teacher candidates. This individual is recommended by a principal and University Liaison and has completed training with School of Education faculty. Clinical Instructor refers to the professional teacher you work with as a junior Teaching Associate, and Mentor Teacher is the teacher with whom you will spend an entire academic year as a senior Teaching Intern.

Site-Based Coordinator: Each PDS campus employs an individual who assists the University Liaison in coordinating the placing of School of Education students with Clinical Instructors/Mentor Teachers. Site-Based Coordinators also assist with the required observations of School of Education students.

Phases of the Program:

Novice: In the beginning phase of our program, each student is a “Novice.” During this time, our students are engaged in the first two field experiences offered in the School of Education, tutoring one or two students. During the Novice phase, students are learning how to write a lesson plan to incorporate Texas benchmarks for learning.

Teaching Associate (TA): When students enter the professional phase of our program, usually the junior year, they are “Teaching Associates.” Students are in the field 3-4 mornings a week, planning and implementing lessons to small groups of students. Students must achieve a specific GPA and complete an online application through the School of Education to begin as a TA. Our students complete two semesters as a Teaching Associate, each semester at a different School of Education PDS campus.

Intern: This refers to the final phase of our program, experienced during the senior year. These teacher candidates are completing student teaching for two semesters in the same classroom. Interns will implement the co-teach model with their Mentor Teacher and work up to being the teacher of record.