Why Baylor School of Education

The School of Education at Baylor University is a thriving, exciting community of learners, educators, and future educators and leaders. Our educator-preparation programs are an emulated model nationwide. Our faculty members direct centers, clinics, and field work that provide life-changing services for children in the community. And our faculty continue to pioneer innovative programs to meet the educational needs of our students and the leadership needs of the profession.

Yet the educational landscape is ever changing, and so must we change. We continue to strengthen our research capacity while remaining relentlessly focused on quality and innovativeness in our academic programs. As changes in society accelerate, so too must our commitment to developing education professionals who can improve student learning in all communities, particularly diverse ones.

Faculty-guided fieldwork is a hallmark of our programs, providing our graduates with the tools for success in their chosen educational arena. Our faculty are also dedicated to research-based best practices in all academic pursuits.

If you are seeking information about Baylor’s undergraduate programs in education, you will find more information at these links:

Undergraduate Programs

For Prospective Undergraduates

If you have an interest in our graduate programs — whether at the master’s, specialist or doctoral level — helpful information is at these links:

Graduate Programs

For Prospective Graduate Students

And of course, our academic programs reside primarily within their respective departments, so you might find it helpful to visit these specific departmental sites:

Curriculum & Instruction

Educational Leadership

Educational Psychology