Office of Professional Practice (OPP)

The Office of Professional Practice (OPP) in the School of Education is located on the first floor of Marrs McLean Science Building.

OPP provides guidance and support for students in all educator preparation programs at Baylor University to ensure that they successfully complete program requirements and are eligible to be recommended for certification upon completion of their academic endeavors.

Components of educator preparation handled by faculty and staff in OPP include:

Certification through the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

OPP handles educator certification for all programs across the university, including those for undergraduate teacher candidates as well as administrator certification exams taken by graduate students. OPP also handles certification with the Texas Education Agency for any Baylor students pursuing programs outside of the School of Education, such as Music Education or Deaf Education.

For Certification Information, contact:
Sandra Parnell
Associate Director of Certification and Program Accountability
Office: MMS 116

For more information, click Certification Information.

Professional Development Training

OPP offers training for all teacher education candidates as well as for professional teachers who serve as clinical instructors or mentors for Baylor School of Education undergraduate teacher candidates. Each Baylor senior also has an intern supervisor, who is trained by OPP.

For Professional Development Training, contact:
Lisa Osborne, Office of Professional Practice
Office: MMS 274

Facilitated Field Experiences

OPP makes placements for teacher-preparation field experiences in local schools and provides support for students in their field work.

For information on Field Experiences, contact:
Dr. Sandra Talbert, Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: MMS 239

Certification Testing

OPP coordinates all educator certification testing for students across the university. Services include test preparation, administration of representative diagnostic tests and approval for TEA certification testing.

For Testing Information, contact:
Lisa Osborne, Associate Director of Assessment and Professional Development
Office: MMS 273
(254) 710-3190