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Hear from more students . . .

“I can say with 100% honesty that Baylor fully prepared me to be a successful teacher. My time as a TA [teaching associate/junior year] and Intern [senior year] was the best preparation I could ask for. Many of my fellow teachers were able to student teach for only about six weeks, but I student taught for a full year. I knew how to interact with students and teachers alike, and I was confident in my ability to create lessons that were creative and fun, while still being able to successfully translate the objectives to my students.”

—Ashlyn Cramer, BSEd ’15
Eighth Grade teacher, Lewisville ISD


“Kids spend a third of their time at school, so they need to receive some love there. At Baylor, I’m learning methods and content, but I’m also learning the importance of positive relationships with my students. I know God wants me to be a teacher, I’m teaching in the field every day, and I love every minute.”

—Trevor Taylor, BSEd ’17
Ninth Grade English teacher, Wagner High School
San Antonio Judson ISD


Hear from an employer . . . 

“Midway ISD actively recruits Baylor graduates due to the professionalism, preparedness and passion exhibited by these outstanding teacher candidates. The School of Education continuously provides Baylor students with relevant and innovative experiences so that they are ready to step into their own classrooms with confidence and integrity.”

—Dr. George Kazanas
Midway ISD (Texas)


Hear from a faculty member . . .

“In our Professional Development Schools, Baylor faculty are teaching college classes right there in the public schools. The Baylor students are learning about pedagogy and then going directly into a classroom to apply it. There is no disconnect between theory and practice for them.”

—Dr. Rachelle Rogers
Assistant Clinical Professor