Math for Early Learners Academy

Outreach & Research

The Baylor School of Education is committed to strengthening education in our community and beyond, and to that end, the School engages in multiple collaborations and partnerships from the local level to the global level.

The School of Education’s longest lasting partnerships exist in our local schools, where students in our teacher-education programs gain field experience while guided by Baylor faculty. The School of Education has nine Professional Development Schools and an additional 14 partnership schools. Almost 25 local schools host Baylor teacher-education students. About 150 area teachers serve as mentors or clinical instructors to Baylor education majors.

Experience gained in real and diverse educational settings is essential to the preparation of future educators, and sending well-trained future leaders into these settings also provides valuable service to the local educational community. Undergraduate students alone provide approximately 87,000 cumulative hours of required fieldwork each year.

Other programs throughout the School maintain partnerships with a variety of community service providers so that students — whether preparing for a sport management career or a future in educational research — will be fully ready. Students in the School of Education are planning to spend their lives in service to others, and the rich and deep partnerships between the School of Education and various community entities provide a positive model of service for our graduates and simultaneously enhance our communities.