Barry Harvey, Ph.D.

Barry Harvey, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology
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Professor of Theology

  • Ph.D. - Duke University, Durham, NC (1987)Major: Christian Theology and Ethics - Academic Honors:Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellowship
  • M. Div. - The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY(1982)- Academic Honors: American Bible Society Award in Biblical Studies
  • M. Mus. Ed. - The University of Colorado at Boulder (1978)- Major: Music Education, Choral Literature and Conducting
  • B. Mus. Ed. - The University of Colorado at Boulder (1976)- Major: Music Education

An ordained Baptist minister and native of Denver, Colorado, Harvey is married to Sarah Harvey, who is also an ordained Baptist minister, and has two children: Rachel, who is a graduate of Baylor, and John, currently a student at Baylor.

Academic Interests and Research
Ecclesiology, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Herbert McCabe, ecumenical theology, ressourcement theology, theological interpretation of scripture, theology and social theory.
Professional Awards and Activities

American Academy of Religion

International Bonhoeffer Society, English Language Section - Member, Board of Directors (2004–present)

Member, Editorial Board, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, English Language Edition, published in conjunction with Fortress Press (1998–present)

National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion

Pro Ecclesia (A Journal of Catholic and Evangelical Theology) - Member, Advisory Council (2005–present)


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StormFront: The Good News of God, with James V. Brownson, Inagrace T. Dietterich and Charles C. West. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2003.

Another City: An Ecclesiological Primer for a Post-Christian World. Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 1999.

Politics of the Theological: Beyond the Piety and Power of A World Come of Age. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Co., 1995.

Selected Research Articles and Essays

“The Ironic Myth of a World Come of Age,” in Christian Humanism and Moral Formation in “A World Come of Age”: An Interdisciplinary Look at the Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Marilynne Robinson, edited by Jens Zimmermann and Natalie Boldt. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars (forthcoming).

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“Into Lands As Yet Unknown: The Church’s Vocation of Not Belonging,” Perspectives in Religious Studies 41 (Fall 2014): ¬297–309.

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“Re-Envisioning the Wall of Separation, or One and a Half Cheers for Secularization: Toward an Ecclesial Identity after Christendom,” in Questions of Identity: Studies in Honour of Brian Haymes, edited by Anthony Cross and Ruth Gouldbourne. Oxford, UK: Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, 2011, 50–66.

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"The Eucharistic Idiom of the Gospel," Pro Ecclesia 9 (Summer 2000): 297–318.

"The Body Politic of Christ: Theology, Social Analysis, and Bonhoeffer's Arcane Discipline," Modern Theology 13 (July 1997): 319–346.

"Insanity, Theocracy, and the Public Realm: Public Theology, the Church, and the Politics of Liberal Democracy," Modern Theology 10 (January 1994): 27–57.

Courses Taught at Baylor
  • REL 4353 Historical of Christian Theology II: 9th through 17th Centuries
  • REL 4354 Historical of Christian Theology III: 17th through 20th Centuries
  • REL 4390 Contemporary Christian Ethics Theory (a topics course in which I have taught seminars on a variety of themes):Atonement, Violence and Moral Reasoning Black and Latin American Liberation Theologies; Moral Theology of Thomas Aquinas
  • REL 5356 Contemporary Systematic Theologies
  • REL 5360 Contemporary Theological Problems (a topics course in which I have taught seminars on a variety of themes): Jewish-Christian Engagements; Christian Theology and Social Theory Narrative Theology and Biblical Hermeneutics
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