Program Elements

There are four basic elements of the Ministry Guidance program.

The Ministry Guidance program encourages students who feel called to Christian ministry to select Baylor University as the institution in which to begin formal preparation for their service to God, the church, and the world. Faculty members and administrators are available to visit with prospective students, parents, pastors, and other church staff members in order to share information about the opportunities for training and service available at the University. Ministry scholarships are provided by Baylor University and the Baptist General Convention of Texas for Baptist students. Eligible students receive scholarship assistance to apply to tuition, based on a per-semester-hour rate determined annually by the University.

The Ministry Guidance program provides encouragement and assistance to ministry students. The heart of the development phase is the Religion 2480 "Introduction to Ministry" course, which provides students the opportunity to understand more fully their calling and the various aspects of Christian ministry. The course is recommended for all ministry students and is required for all recipients of the ministry scholarship. Integral to this course is an internship program, which allows students opportunities to observe and serve in ministry positions under the guidance of qualified supervisors.

Other elements included in the development phase of the Ministry Guidance program are:

  • Orientation for new ministry students and parents
  • Academic advisement
  • Personal and vocational counseling
  • Personality inventory
  • Additional academic studies related to ministry
  • Seminary days, which provide occasions to visit with seminary representatives
  • Periodic conferences related to vocational interests

The Ministry Guidance program provides placement assistance to ministry students by helping them develop their resumes and encouraging them to make themselves available for ministry positions. This service helps students gain practical experience and aids churches in finding needed leadership.

The Department of Religion, through the Ministry Guidance program, provides an annual conference for ministers. The Ministry Guidance Conference, a spring event dealing with a selected ministry-related topic, is designed to assist ministers and the churches and ministries they serve in ways that will strengthen their witness and work. The conference also serves as an expression of gratitude and opportunities for professional development for the ministers who serve the Ministry Guidance program as internship supervisors. Supervisors are also encouraged to participate in the Ministry Guidance Supervisor Workshop each Fall.

For further information, please contact the Ministry Guidance Office, (254) 710-3739. The Ministry Guidance Office is located on the Baylor campus in Tidwell Bible Building, Religion Suite on the Garden Level.