Religion Courses of Particular Interest to Ministry Students


RELIGION 2480: Introduction to Ministry

Students taking Introduction to Ministry spend three hours each week in the classroom. Through lecture and discussion they gain an understanding of ministry. Three major areas are developed:

  • The Church/Parachurch and Ministry
  • Leadership in Ministry
  • Functions of Ministry

Rel 3381

Based upon the belief that we learn to do by doing, and that nothing can take the place of actual experience, Religion 2480 also has the unique advantage of including an internship. The nature of the internship is determined by the type of ministry toward which a student feels called. For the person who is not certain of the exact area of future service, an internship can provide added understanding of God's will for his or her life. It is exceedingly constructive for a vocational Christian ministry student to observe and do ministry under a trained supervisor.


RELIGION 2480 is required of those receiving ministry scholarships. Because of the foundational and practical nature of this course, it is suggested that 2480 be taken soon after completing Religion 1310 and 1350. For the student who wishes to serve in a church staff position while attending Baylor, taking "Introduction to Ministry" early in one's academic career is particularly advantageous in that the student, through observation and participation, is better prepared to assume a leadership role. This course is offered every fall and spring semester.

RELIGION 3381: Communication in Ministry


This course equips students to improve their ability to interpret the Bible and to deliver messages and lead Bible studies. Students not only deepen their understanding of the theological basis for proclamation, but they also gain experience in delivering messages and leading Bible studies that are biblically based, hermeneutically sound, engaging, and relevant. This course is offered each fall semester.

RELIGION 3382: Cross-Cultural Ministry

This course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the issues related to cross-cultural ministry as well as the contemporary strategies utilized by Christian missions practitioners. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to organize and participate effectively in cross-cultural ministry endeavors, either local or global. The course would be particularly helpful for those with interests in short- and/or long-term missions and those seeking to equip others to engage in cross-cultural ministry. This course is offered each spring semester.

RELIGION 4374: Leadership in Ministry

Rel 3381

Leadership in Ministry focuses on the study of the principles and models of effective leadership in ministry. The course enables students to examine leadership functions in the local church and in other institutions related to ministry. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to identify the biblical foundations for ministry leadership, articulate an understanding of diverse leadership styles in relation to the student’s own leadership tendencies, and provide effective administrative leadership for the work of ministry in various situations. This course is offered each spring semester.