Returning Student Reactivation

Undergraduate Baylor students who are seeking to return to Baylor, but withdrew from or were not enrolled in the fall or spring semester before their desired return term, will need to complete a Returning Student Application.

The University encourages students planning to return to submit the reactivation as early as possible in order to facilitate a timely registration opportunity for classes. Applications will open on the dates below (approximate):

  • Spring Semesters: October 1
  • Summer Semesters: March 1
  • Fall Semesters: March 1
The application deadline is five (5) business-days prior to the first day of class for the semester (or summer session) students plan to attend.

If you intend to transfer credit from another institution to Baylor, then please familiarize yourself with the transfer credit policies available at:

The Returning Student Application is available under Returning Users on the page linked below. When creating a new application, choose the available Returning Student application. You will need to log-in using your BearID and password. To reset your password, please visit .