Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of papers are you looking for?
We are looking for advanced undergraduate research writing in any academic discipline. Papers with the best chance of acceptance are those which a) are at least 7-10 pages with sufficient and proper citations, b) pose an original argument or present original evidence, and c) make use of wide secondary reading. We do not publish creative writing; please send creative writing to the English department publication, The Phoenix. If your paper belongs to a STEM field, you may also consider submitting to the BURST publication, Scientia. The Pulse strongly recommends that papers be written for credit, either for a course taught by a Baylor professor or from your thesis for the Honors Program.

How many papers may I submit?
You may submit more than one paper; however, only one of your submissions can be chosen for publication per annual edition.

Where do I send my submission? Can I e-mail it?
All submissions should be made using the electronic submission form. This form is due Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 11:59 pm. Please complete all the required fields and submit the form from the comfort of your own home. E-mail submissions are not accepted.

Why do I have to redact my personal information?
Because it is to be expected that some of our submitters and editors could know each other, we follow a blind submission process. In this way, the people who are making the decision to accept or reject are as unbiased as possible. When submitting electronically, please make sure that any references to the identity of the author(s) are removed. The electronic submission form establishes the identity of the author(s), so please take care in filling it out correctly.

Who will read my submission?
There are two rounds of evaluations. For the first, each submission is randomly assigned to be read by two or more members of the editorial board. The editorial board will meet to decide which papers will proceed to the second round. Then all members of the board will read every finalist paper before convening for the final decision meeting.

How long will it take to get a response?
Decisions will be made within about a month of the deadline, once the evaluation process has concluded.  Everyone who submitted a paper will be contacted and notified of our selection decision.

If my submission is chosen, what happens next?
You will work with one of our editors to produce a final version of the paper, which will then be published at the end of the academic year.

May I submit a paper that has already been accepted to another journal?
The Pulse will accept a previously published paper so long as there are no copyright infringements. The other journal has to be contacted about their publication policies, and a document or reference has to be given to The Pulse regarding the other journal's policy.

May I submit a paper where I am one of several authors?
Yes, however, you must be the primary author and the other authors must have notification of the submission.

What if I have additional questions that are not answered here?
Please email