Lee Ward

Professor of Political Science


Ph.D., Fordham University
M.A., Brock University
B.A., University of Toronto

Courses at Baylor

PSC 4383 Contemporary Political Theory
Since the dawn of the modern era, nation states have grappled with a central question: How can individuals and distinct groups bearing greatly different moral, ethical, cultural and religious beliefs and points of view live together peacefully, productively and freely in a shared political community? This course will examine this question with a particular focus on works of contemporary political theory that explore the challenges posed for liberal democratic societies by the demands of pluralism and multiculturalism. The thinkers that we will consider will include John Rawls, Charles Taylor, Michael Sandel, Will Kymlicka and James Tully.

PSC 5340 The American Founding
This course will examine the philosophical roots of the American Founding beginning with the English constitutional struggles of the 17th century exemplified in the works of Robert Filmer, John Locke, Algernon Sidney and James Tyrrell.  It will then consider the development of 18th-century British Constitutionalism in Trenchard and Gordon's Cato's Letters, as well as selected writings of Hume, Bolingbroke and Montesquieu, before turning to the American tracts from the imperial dispute with Britain prior to the Revolution including writings from James Otis, John Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine.  This will be followed by analysis of the Articles of Confederation and various state constitutions in the revolutionary period.  The course will conclude by examining the debates surrounding the drafting and ratification of the Constitution.


Selected Publications

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Department of Political Science

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