Extracurriculars and Co-curriculars

Baylor and Beyond Living-Learning Center 

The Baylor & Beyond Living-Learning Center is a comprehensive and intentional community where residents learn with and from each other, encourage and support academic success, embrace the culture of Baylor University, and broaden their cultural understanding.


Model United Nations

Model United Nations provides students with the opportunity to develop solutions to today's international problems. Each semester our team represents a different Member State in the United Nations and researches its policies, including its positions on international security, economic development, sustainability, and social-humanitarian efforts. At Model UN conferences, students act as diplomats for their assigned nation within a particular UN committee. The goal of these conferences is to foster diplomacy and cooperation as students write resolutions and reports, just as Member States in the UN do. While the educational experience is the true reward of any Model UN event, at many conferences awards are given to teams and individual students who excel at adhering to the constraints of domestic and international politics, public speaking, and leadership within their committee.


Model Organization of American States (MOAS)

The Baylor University MOAS program is an invaluable academic experience that provides interested students a special insight into the political, social, economic, and environmental concerns of the entire Western Hemisphere. Essentially, the MOAS program affords an opportunity for students to participate in a simulation of the OAS by serving as a country's representative to one of several critical OAS committees or commissions. Such committees or commissions include: Committee on Hemispheric Security, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Inter-American Judicial Committee, Budget Committee, and Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission. Some of the topics discussed in these committees are terrorism, abuse of human rights and the Free Trade area of the Americas.


Model Arab League

Model Arab League is a diplomatic simulation and leadership development program. It is designed to give students insight into the Middle East and Arab world as well as build critical leadership skills from public speaking to negotiation and compromise.


Sigma Iota Rho International Studies Honor Society

Sigma Iota Rho is a collegiate honor society for international studies recognized by the International Studies Association.


PAWS Program (People Around the Word Sharing)

Baylor's PAWS program connects international students with U.S. students and families, providing the supportive learning environment needed to explore and navigate American culture. Through a variety of programs designed to meet international students’ and U.S. students’ needs and time constraints, PAWS makes the transition to university life in the United States smooth and rewarding while establishing relationships that last a lifetime. 


Baylor TCKs

The Baylor Third Culture Kids (TCKs) strive to develop a safe and encouraging community for students with similar expatriate experiences. The major goal of this organization is to provide a venue in which any Baylor student can comfortably share their story and listen to others’. Being a proud citizen of a truly global community is the essence of what it means to be a “third culture kid.”


Multicultural Student Associations


Baylor Study Abroad Office

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to explore the world, offering invaluable opportunities to grow by gaining new perspectives about the world you live in all while improving advancing your skills, independence, and self-confidence. The international experience you gain also goes a long way toward setting you apart from other job seekers when you graduate. The benefits of an education abroad experience are limitless.


Baylor in Washington

Washington D.C. is a hub of not only political activity but also of commerce, law, journalism, healthcare, higher education and the arts. Washington D.C. provides the perfect setting for Baylor students to receive the transformational education envisioned in the university’s Pro Futuris strategic vision document. Baylor now offers academically rigorous and experientially rich opportunities in D.C. throughout the calendar year. Students can take advantage of the resources of our nation’s capital without departing from the endless benefits of the Baylor community.


Baylor Department of Multicultural Affairs 

The mission of the Department of Multicultural Affairs is to enrich the holistic development of each student by encouraging them to celebrate their personal heritage and embrace the cultures of others


Baylor Department of Spiritual Life 

The Department of Spiritual Life is located in the Bobo Spiritual Life Center.  The Bobo houses Baylor Global Missions and hosts bi-weekly multicultural dinners, among other programs. 


Department of Political Science

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