David D. Corey

Professor of Political Science

B.A., Oberlin College
B.M., Oberlin Conservatory
M.A., Louisiana State University
Ph.D., Louisiana State University


Personal Webpage: David D. Corey

David Corey teaches political philosophy. His first book, The Just War Tradition, was published by ISI books in 2012. His second book, The Sophists in Plato’s Dialogues was released by SUNY Press in 2015. He is currently at work on a book entitled, Political Philosophy against Ideology: Strauss, Voegelin, Oakeshott and Arendt.

Professor Corey was the recipient in 2008 of Baylor's Outstanding Teaching Award. He has twice been named Faculty Member of the Year by Baylor's Student Government. And he has been recognized on numerous occasions by Phi Beta Kappa for excellence in teaching.

For more information about David Corey’s research and teaching interests, visit his personal webpage.

Selected Publications:

"Socratic Citizenship: Delphic Oracle and Divine Sign," Review of Politics 67, no. 2 (2005): 201-228.

"How the Sophists Taught Virtue: Exhortation and Association," History of Political Thought 26, no. 1 (2005): 1-20.

"Voegelin and Aristotle on Nous: What is Noetic Political Science?" The Review of Politics 64, no. 1 (2002): 57-79.

Department of Political Science

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Waco,TX 76798-7276