Ivy Hamerly

Ivy Hamerly
Senior Lecturer & International Studies Undergraduate Program Director
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Senior Lecturer of Political Science
Director of International Studies

Ph.D, University of California, San Diego
M.A., University of California, San Diego
B.A., Wheaton College

Ivy Hamerly studies the relationship between domestic and international institutions; Legislatures; Western Europe; and the European Union.

Courses at Baylor:

PSC 3304 Comparative Politics
A comparative study of the principles, structure, and operation of contemporary governmental systems with special attention to the democratic systems of Europe.

PSC 4354 Governments and Politics of Western Europe
A comparative study of the forms of government organization, political processes, and major developments in Western Europe. Course emphasizes parliamentary forms of democracy.

PSC 4375 International Organization
Fundamentals of international politics and international law, advancing to an intensified study of past and, particularly, present international organizations, especially the United Nations.

Department of Political Science

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