Pawprints Installation | Linux


  1. Ensure you are connected to Airbear or ResNet.
  2. Install Java 5.0+
  3. Add the four campus queues:
  4. lpd://




    (NOTE: most users will be able to use their GUI to install printers. Choose LPR printer type and select a "Generic Post Script" driver (generic.ppd). Call the printers whatever you like, just make sure you have the correct LPD path.)

  5. Install the PawPrints app:

    Download Here

  6. Unzip the file and copy the entire "Linux" folder to your usr/local/papercut/client folder (requires an unzip utility).
  7. Set the proper execute permissions for the app from a command prompt:

    cd /usr/local/papercut/client

    chmod 755 ./

  8. Execute the file.

(NOTE: The PawPrints app must be running to use Baylor printers.)

These campus queues and PawPrints App will last you your whole time at Baylor; you should not need to reinstall anything.

(REMEMBER: PawPrints only works from Baylor networks)

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