Student Printing Policy

Printing costs $.07/page for B&W and $.28/page for color. There is no additional charge for duplex printing.

Free Quota
The semester allowance for each student is as follows:

  • Fall Semester: 400 pages (undergraduate) | 600 pages (graduate)
  • Spring Semester: 400 pages (undergraduate) | 600 pages (graduate)
  • Summer Session (both 1 and 2): 400 pages (undergraduate) | 600 pages (graduate)

This translates to a minimum initial balance of $28 for each user per semester.

Allowances are reset at the beginning of each semester. Additional allowances typically added the second week of classes. Unused pages WILL NOT be carried over to subsequent semesters. Additionally, since there is no cost associated with pages, there are no monetary refunds or credits given for unused pages.

Users with a negative balance will have that amount transferred to their student bill at the end of each term.

Maximum Document Length
PawPrints printers prohibit print jobs longer than 50 pages or spool-file sizes larger than 500 MB ("spool-size" refers to the size of your file once it is converted on the server for the printer. Simple files tend to have smaller spool sizes). If you must print a large or complex document, you must break the job down into segments of 50 pages or less. Most documents will never reach the spool limit unless they are large a powerpoint, PDF, or color document.

Maximum Number of Copies
PawPrints printers will not allow you to generate more than 5 copies of one document. Please use either a campus copier or Central Duplicating to print multiple copies of any document.

Printing Errors
If a PawPrints printer malfunctions while you are printing, please Contact Us. We'll need the printer name from the PawPrints label, the specific date and time of the incident, and a brief report (to the best of your ability) of the malfunction.

To ensure the integrity and stability of the PawPrints network we employ a variety of different security measures. Any attempt to subvert these security measures is a violation of the Baylor University Network Usage policy.

NOTE: Baylor Law supplemental information here. Dallas Nursing and EMBA supplemental information here.

[updated 2019-05-15]