Class Schedules & Textbooks

Class Schedules

All incoming J1's will be automatically registered, so there's no need to worry about your registration for your first semester here. Once registered, you will be able to pull up your individual schedule on BEAR WEB. You will also be given a hard copy of your schedule during orientation.


Textbook lists are usually available for Fall by May 31st and Spring by mid December. Our preferred supplier is the Baylor University Follett Bookstore. You will have an opportunity to order as soon as it is available and they will be on campus during new student orientation each semester. Although you are not required to purchase your books from our suppler, we highly recommend using them.

*NOTE: Each book comes with resource materials that are only good for one student use. You need to make sure that you purchase the correct edition AND a new set of resource materials that would have originally been included. This can significantly increase the amount you spend individually verses purchasing the items through our supplier.