Student IDs

Baylor University Student IDs

(No Fee)
All students will have their picture taken during Orientation. Current Baylor students already have a Baylor University picture ID, that includes their numeric ID#. Incoming new transfer students will have the photo taken during orientation sent to Waco for their Baylor ID to be processed. Several weeks after orientation, you will be notified by email that your ID is ready for pick up, in the Student Services office.

BUMC Nursing School Parking IDs

(No Fee)
You will have another ID made specifically for access to the School of Nursing & Parking lot. This ID is referred to as your Baylor University Medical Center, or, "BUMC ID". This will be included in your Online Orientation so you can take care of all of this prior to campus orientation.

Please wear this ID at all times when on campus and in our building! This is a Professional Responsibility requirement!! Our Facility is locked at all times and this ID will be your access into the Nursing School as well as entry to the parking lot assigned to you.

NOTICE: Students who do not have their ID badge, must use the Baylor Police call box located outside the school, to obtain entry.

Broken or Lost ID?
There is a $25 charge for replacement badges if you loose your badge; however, there is NO charge if you return a broken badge for replacement.