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Honor Society for Nursing

Eta Gamma Chapter 169

Baylor University
Louise Herrington School of Nursing

Sigma Theta Tau was founded in 1922 by six nursing students at Indiana University. They recognized the value of scholarship and the importance of excellence in practice. With the full idealism of women forging pathways of change in the 1920’s, they wanted to build a framework to encourage future leaders to effectively improve health care.

In 1936, Sigma Theta Tau was the first organization in the U.S to fund nursing research. Since then the Society has underwritten many small grants. These peer-review grants are often the first recognition of potent concepts that eventually lead to major, wide-scale research projects and innovation in the nursing profession.

Vision and Mission
The vision of Sigma Theta Tau is to create a global community of nurses who lead in using scholarship, knowledge and technology to improve the health of the world’s people.

The mission of the society provides leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research to enhance the health of all people. We support learning and professional development of our members, who strive to improve nursing care worldwide.