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     PawPrints at the Nursing School

         A supplemental printing queue is available to nursing students to simplify the printing process. Printing on legal size paper is required by some nursing instructors and installing the supplemental queue allows that option to be selected. To take advantage of the nursing printing queue please follow the following steps:

  1.  Install the regular PawPrints queues at
  2. Install the PawPrints-Supplement-Nursing queue at
  3. With both installed, a user may now send all print jobs using “PawPrints-Nursing.”
  4. The options the user chooses for the document: simple/duplex, BW/color, letter/legal will determine which printer the document can be release to for completion.
  5. If a user tries to release to a printer that cannot handle the options (e.g. legal to a color printer with no legal paper), the release page will deny the job and tell them why, and the user will need to reprint. 
  6. The printer named Nursing-LRC-A is the only printer that allows for legal sized documents.

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