Interested in Ethnomusicology?

Welcome!  We are pleased to hear of your interest in Ethnomusicology & Musicology studies at the Baylor University School of Music.

If you are interested in the field of ethnomusicology or in its approach, the Musicology program at Baylor will enable you to take advantage of both the professional applied music setting within the School of Music and the interdisciplinary, humanistic environment of a major research university.  In addition to classes in research methods and current issues in musicology and ethnomusicology, students focusing in ethnomusicology may take elective courses in Anthropology, World Cultures and Globalization, and Area Studies (American Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Slavic Studies, among others). The Musicology program focuses on helping students refine their skills in critical thinking, research, and writing, encouraging application of a broad range of approaches and methodologies.

If you have questions at any stage in the application/audition process, please feel free to email Jann Cosart.

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