Interested in Jazz?

Even though there is no jazz major, students have many opportunities to study and perform jazz.

Contact Alex Parker directly if you have any questions about the Jazz program here at Baylor.

The Baylor Jazz Program Goals
  • To provide young performers of jazz music with the knowledge and skills to begin and sustain a long and successful jazz career.
  • To provide the teachers of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills to start, run and teach a successful jazz program.
  • To provide playing and performing opportunities in both large and small jazz ensembles.
  • To encourage and guide students to find their own voice in performing, writing and arranging music.
  • To provide students with a good understanding of this improvisational music so that they can be the successful and inspirational musicians, writers and performers of tomorrow.
  • To describe the importance, complexity and beauty of Jazz so that our students will become the listeners, consumers and fans of the next generation of jazz musicians.
Jazz Courses

Baylor provides courses in: Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Jazz Pedagogy, Jazz Arranging, and Jazz History. Course descriptions are located in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

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