Undergraduate Voice Audition Details

The audition is the most important factor in determining whether or not a student will be accepted as a music major. If you plan to attend Baylor as a non-music major and simply wish to participate in a choral ensemble, please do not request an audition for the Vocal Studies Division. Please see How to Join an Ensemble for more information regarding our choral ensemble audition process.

For the 2020-21 application cycle, applicants who are required to audition must upload a video recorded audition to their music application. After your application file is reviewed, a follow-up live virtual audition and/or interview may also be required. If required, you will be notified via Acceptd to schedule it on one of the available dates.

Please remember, undergraduate applicants must submit applications to both 1) Baylor University and 2) the School of Music.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, only video auditions will be accepted for Spring or Fall 2021 Semester acceptance.  Videos can be submitted within the School of Music application.

Video Submission Guidelines
  • All applicants (freshmen and transfers) are required to state their name and the name of each selection prior to performing them. 
  • All applicants are required to perform their repertoire with a pianist or an accompaniment track.  Submissions recorded a cappella will not be accepted.
  • All applicants are required to record in such a manner that they are visible from the knee up.  Videos recorded too far back or too close to the singer are difficult to assess. 
  • It is requested that applicants perform all repertoire selections as a continuous recording in one unedited video.

If you have any questions concerning audition procedures or the Vocal Studies Division, please contact the School of Music Admission & Recruiting Coordinator or the Vocal Studies Division’s Recruiting Coordinator.

Undergraduate Voice Audition Requirements

  • Incoming freshmen, or current Baylor students who wish to switch their majors to music, must submit a total of two classical, solo songs of contrasting styles.  One song must be in a foreign language, and it is preferred that the other be in English (both songs cannot be in English).  All audition repertoire must be memorized.
  • Transfer students must submit three songs or arias (or any combination therein) in differing styles and musical periods; one of these selections must be in a foreign language.  The repertoire should represent the applicant’s vocal growth and progress to date.  If a prospective transfer student wishes to perform an aria from an oratorio, then this selection may be performed with music.  However, the remaining two repertoire selections must be performed from memory.
  • It is requested that recommendation letters for prospective voice students include a brief description of an applicant’s sight-reading, tonal memory, and general musical capabilities.

The Vocal Studies Division accepts audition requests only from those prospective undergraduate students wishing to pursue the following fields of study.

  • Bachelor of Music in Church Music *
  • Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance *
  • Bachelor of Music Education - Choral Music, Voice *
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition
  • Bachelor of Music in Music History & Literature
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Theory
  • Bachelor of Arts - Academic
  • Bachelor of Arts - Applied (Performance)

Applicants auditioning for acceptance into the School of Music will also be considered for vocal scholarship awards. There is no separate scholarship audition or application. Only applicants wishing to pursue any of the above degrees marked with an asterisk (*) will be considered for vocal scholarships. See Undergraduate Scholarships & Financial Aid for more information.

Voice applicants can audition for a specific field of study, selected from the degrees listed above, only twice. If an applicant is not admitted into a field of study following the second audition, he/she is permitted to audition for any of the remaining fields of study with voice as the applied instrument.  Applicants are allowed to audition for the Vocal Studies Division only once per academic year.

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