O'Neal [Piano] Pedagogy Library

Audra O'Neal Music Collection

In 1983, Miss O'Neal, whose music store served generations of Central Texas musicians, students, and teachers, offered the entire inventory to Baylor University. This purchase allowed the University to create a unique historical resource of sheet music, scores, and pedagogical materials as a research collection housed in the University's libraries. In addition, duplicate copies are housed in the School of Music as a resource for pedagogical study and teaching practicum. 
The O'Neal collection of more than 59,000 titles, some of which date from the 19th century, provides a rich resource for the program in piano pedagogy as well as for research by faculty and graduate students.

The O'Neal Pedagogy Library, in room 3 of Waco Hall within the piano pedagogy wing, houses music from the O'Neal Music Collection as well as a current and richly diverse collection of standard teaching literature by master composers and pedagogical composers. The collection includes sheet music and books in the following categories:

  • Early Childhood Music
  • Preschool Piano Methods
  • Average-age Beginning Piano Methods
  • Theory, Musicianship, Ear Training, and Music History Books
  • Sight Reading Books and Resources
  • Standard Literature Anthologies
  • Technique Collections and Etude Books
  • Pedagogical Volumes of Pop, Jazz, Folk, and Classical Arrangements
  • Sacred Arrangements
  • General Teaching References
  • Pedagogical References
  • Repertoire References
  • Music History References
  • Dissertations and Theses
  • Standard Literature Collections by Master Composers
  • American Composer Collections
  • Elementary-Level Supplementary Collections and Sheet Music
  • Intermediate-Level Supplementary Collections and Sheet Music
  • Software for Independent Piano Teachers
  • MIDI Accompaniments 
  • Audio-Visual Materials: CD's, Videotapes, and DVD's

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