Before You Apply

We highly encourage you to email Dr. Todd Meehan to set up a visit or a sample lesson.

Graduate applicants should contact the professor directly regarding assistantship availability.


Apply to both Baylor University and the School of Music by February 1 to begin in the Fall:

To gain admission to the School of Music, you must also be accepted by the university; acceptance for one does not guarantee acceptance for the other.

Acceptance is based on the student’s performance abilities, artistic potential, and maturity as demonstrated in the audition/interview process.

  • In-person auditions only.
  • Memorization is not required.
  • The audition committee consists of Dr. Meehan and faculty members from the Instrumental and Conducting Divisions.
  • 2022-23 Audition Dates: Jan.13, Jan. 27, 28, Feb. 3

Audition Material:

UNDERGRADUATE Percussion Requirements:
  • One keyboard solo of significant length (marimba or vibraphone)
  • One concert snare drum solo or etude
  • One rudimental snare drum solo or etude (played on a concert snare)
  • One timpani solo or etude
  • Demonstrate various drum set styles (recommended but not required)
GRADUATE Percussion Requirements:
  • Mallets:
    • One 4-mallet marimba or vibraphone solo of significant length
    • Two orchestral mallet excerpts of your choice
  • Snare:
    • One concert solo or etude (ex. Delecluse etude or something of similar difficulty)
    • One rudimental solo or etude (played on a concert snare, ex. Wilcoxon or something of similar difficulty)
    • Two orchestral snare excerpts of your choice
  • Timpani
    • One solo or etude (ex. Carter or Delecluse etude or something of similar difficulty)
    • Two orchestral timpani excerpts of your choice
    • Demonstrate ability to tune intervals
  • Miscellaneous - Please choose ONE of the following three areas to supplement your audition:
    • Multiple percussion solo
    • Drum set (demonstrating different styles or prepared solo)
    • Any other area in which you possess a degree of mastery (ex.accessory excerpts, hand drumming, other world music genres,etc.)

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