Music Theory Degree Plans

The undergraduate degree in music theory provides additional training in the discipline on top of a robust theory core curriculum that serves all of our undergraduate music majors at Baylor University. Through specialized courses in theory and analysis, we prepare students majoring in music theory for advanced studies in music in the graduate level. Our master’s program in music theory is designed to equip the student with knowledge of both traditional sectors and current trends of the discipline, as well as the ability to engage in independent research of the highest level.

Degree Plan Checklists:
Master of Music in Music Theory Objectives:
  • To provide students with the skills and knowledge for scholarly research;
  • To provide a strong foundation in the disciplines of music theory and analysis through a robust curriculum of core courses and guided individual research;
  • To prepare for doctoral studies in music, teaching of music theory, and other academic activities in music;
  • To provide opportunities to engage in active research through oral presentations, scholarly papers, seminars, and a thesis.

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