The chamber music experience at Baylor is a vital part of both the BM and BME programs. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with peers in brass quintets, brass quartets, woodwind quintet, tuba/euphonium ensemble, horn ensemble, trombone choir and large brass ensembles.

Required chamber music study at Baylor provides students with the requisite skills needed to compete professionally. Collaborative skills necessary for work as a musician and educator are honed in these chamber music settings and enhance the overall quality and professionalism of Baylor's large ensembles. Serious time spent in chamber rehearsals and performance increase the efficiency and section cohesiveness in the Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band.

Baylor is proud to have world-class brass faculty with years of professional chamber experience coaching these groups. The brass department at Baylor regularly hosts professional chamber groups.

Students are assigned to various brass chamber groups according to skill level and year of study. Many of these chamber groups remain together throughout the duration of study at Baylor.

Performance majors are required to take 4 to 6 semesters of chamber music and Music Education majors with an instrumental emphasis a minimum of 4 to 5 semesters. Music Education majors will not enroll in any chamber music the first semesters of study due to the Baylor University Golden Wave Band schedule.

Graduate Brass Quintet – each of the graduate students from the respective studios combine to form a semi-professional brass quintet coached by Wiff Rudd. The Graduate Brass Quintet will help to promote recruitment, pursue recording opportunities and perform in multi faceted venues around Baylor and Texas.

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