Patrick Kelly

Adjunct Lecturer in Guitar


Baylor offers the following guitar courses:

Basic Guitar (MUS 1202) for non-music majors as a 2 hour arts elective.

Group instruction in beginning guitar. A comprehensive approach which includes accompanying, solo playing, and ensembles, history of the guitar, and fundamentals of music. Open to non-music majors only.

Intermediate Guitar (MUS 2202) for non-music majors as a 2 hour arts elective.

This course is designed for non-music majors who have successfully completed Basic Guitar 1202 and have a working knowledge of open position chords and scales, basic rhythm accompaniment and melody playing techniques, as well as reading skills up to and including eighth-note based rhythms in the first position. Emphasis is placed on expanding technical range and repertoire on the guitar through the understanding and assimilation of movable chord forms and scale fingerings.

Guitar for Music Ministry (MUS 3170) for Church Music majors.

Designed to give the church music student functional guitar skills. This skill-based course will assure competency in playing chords for common guitar keys and basic strumming patterns. Students will also be exposed to other aspects of guitar playing such as tablature, chord charts, different types of guitars, and other relevant functions. Students who are experienced guitar players will move at their own pace.

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