Music Buildings

  • McCrary Music Building
    • Jones Concert Hall & Meadows Recital Hall
    • Instrumental & Ensemble Faculty
    • Practice Rooms
  • Waco Hall Complex
    • Waco Hall, Roxy Grove Hall, and Recital Hall II
    • Academic, Keyboard, and Vocal Faculty
    • Administrative Leadership & Staff

Performance Halls

  • Waco Hall (2,200 seats) in Waco Hall Complex
  • Jones Concert Hall (1,000 seats) in McCrary
  • Armstrong Browning Library
  • Roxy Grove Hall (500 seats) in Waco Hall Complex
  • Meadows Recital Hall (200 seats) in McCrary
  • Recital Hall II (120 seats) in Waco Hall Complex


  • Opera Black Box
    • Baylor Opera Theater is unique in that we have our own opera building to rehearse in. The rehearsal stage is 38ft wide and 26ft deep. In addition, the facility has prop, set and costume storage. This space has recently been refurbished to increase the efficiency of rehearsals. 
  • Jones Theatre (356-seat proscenium) in Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center
  • Waco Hall 301



  • Alinea (Marrs McLean Science Building, 330)
    • Alinea's current space houses specialized equipment for research involved in creating fixed and interactive electroacoustic music, scoring for film, and experimenting with other arts technologies.
  • Comp Lab (Roxy Grove Hall, 220)
    • a publishing lab for composition students to edit, print, bind, and package their compositions. It is equipped with an 11x17 duplex printer, spiral binder, and other binding necessities.

Music Education

Piano Pedagogy

  • Two Class Piano labs
  • O'Neal [Piano] Pedagogy Library
    • more than 59,000 titles, some of which date from the 19th century, provides a rich resource for the program in piano pedagogy as well as for research by faculty and graduate students
  • Children's Lab


  • McLane Organ - located in Jones Concert Hall (McCrary)
    • 4 manuals, 92 ranks, electro-pneumatic action
  • Joyce Jones Organ - located in Markham Organ Studio (McCrary)
    • 3 manuals, 39 ranks, mechanical action (Swell and Positiv expressive) - built by Letourneau
  • Higginbotham Memorial Organ  - located in Roxy Grove Hall (Waco Hall Complex)
    • 3 manuals, 62 ranks, electro-pneumatic action
  • Travis Johnson Memorial Organ - located in Recital Hall II (Waco Hall Complex)
    • 2 manuals, 17 ranks, mechanical action
  • Truett Chapel Organ - located in Truett Seminary
  • Practice Organs - located in McCrary
    • Five practice rooms in the organ wing house a variety of instruments.


  • 3 Hamburg Steinways
    • Two located in Roxy Grove Hall (Waco Hall Complex)
    • One located in Jones Hall (McCrary)
  • 1 Bösendorfer
    • Located in Meadows Recital Hall (McCrary)
  • 1 New York Steinway B
    • Located in Recital Hall II (Waco Hall Complex)

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