Music Education Resources

Music Education Resource Center (MERC)

The MERC contains a wealth of resources for music educators. Housed in Waco Hall East, the MERC has perusal copies of all UIL large group repertoire on the Prescribed Music List (PML), all major instrument methods books, K-6 general music textbooks, choral octavo sets, many video and audio recordings, and a significant number of books on teaching music. The MERC also has PC & Apple computers available for use, printing and copying services, and other office equipment. It is a great place for study groups, and while you're there you can pick up a School of Music t-shirt and a cup of coffee (sponsored by BUMEA).

Need help finding the MERC? The BUMEA has you covered:

Music Education Smart Lab

The Music Education teaching lab is equipped with an interactive touchscreen, projection capabilities, web-connected computer, high-quality audio/video playback, document camera, and connectability to mobile devices through Apple TV or HDMI. The lab also houses our Orff and classroom instrument collection and an upright piano. White boards and staff-ruled chalk boards give the space a classic look.

Orff and Classroom Instruments

The Music Education division has a full set of Orff barred instruments, as well as many classroom percussion instruments. These instruments are available for use in methods classes and may be checked out through the MERC.

Crouch Fine Arts Library (CFAL)

The Crouch Fine Arts Library houses the music and visual arts collections as well as audio and video collections for the Central Libraries. Recognized as one of the most distinguished music libraries in the Southwest, the CFAL boasts a collection of approximately 50,000 audio and video recordings; 95,000 music scores; and 50,000 books on the arts. CFAL's special collections include rare and unique materials dating from as early as the 11th century. For more information, click here.

Music Lab

The Music Lab is a specialized instructional technology center for music applications. The Lab is located in the Listening/Viewing Center of the Crouch Fine Arts Library. Each of its twelve stations, plus an instructor station, includes a computer coupled with an M-Audio 5- octave MIDI keyboard controller. The computers are equipped with a variety of music-related software applications. For more information, click here.

Practice Facilities

The McCrary Music Building houses 71 practice rooms, each equipped with an upright or grand piano, and six percussion practice rooms. These rooms are accessible 24-hours a day, using your Baylor School of Music ID. Additional practice rooms, designated for warm up prior to piano lessons and juries, are available in the Roxy Grove Wing of Waco Hall.

School of Education

As candidates in the Teacher Education program, Music Education majors also have access to resources in the School of Education, including the Media Center and the Learning Resource Center.

For more information on the Media Center, click here.

For more information on the Learn Resource Center, click here.