Master of Music in Music Education

Graduate Assistantships available for the Fall 2018 entering class! CLICK HERE

Looking to take the next step in your career as a music educator?

The Master's in Music in Music Education from Baylor offers a degree designed to deepen your understanding of teaching and learning in music, while providing you with opportunities to put those principles into practice in the classroom and the research arena.

Led by our faculty specialists in band, choir, orchestra and general music, the degree allows you to focus on advanced studies in your chosen speciality while providing insight into the larger arena of music education.

Please note - this degree is designed for those who already hold a teaching certification in music, and is not designed to prepare you for certification.


Candidates for a Master of Music in Music Education Degree must be admitted to both the Baylor Graduate School and the Baylor School of Music. Below is the path all candidates in our program follow in pursuit of their degree.

Apply to Baylor Graduate School

Application to the Baylor Graduate School is a 3 or 4 step process:

  • Complete the online application. You can access the application here.
  • Transcripts are required from EVERY post-secondary institution you have attended.
  • Recommendation sources will be contacted via email to complete an electronic recommendation form. Paper recommendations can be submitted when necessary.
  • TOEFL scores are required for international students.

Apply to Baylor School of Music

To apply to the School of Music, you must submit the following materials:

  • A sample teaching video 5-10 minutes in length. The video should be of an instructional sequence with interaction between the teacher and student, not of a concert performance or strictly repertoire conducting without feedback.
  • Your professional teaching resume. This should be a 1-2 page professional teaching resume, including education, certification(s), teaching experience, professional activities, awards, and honors.
  • A sample of your writing. This sample may be a previously written document (i.e. term paper). Maximum length of this paper should be 10 pages. It can also take the form of a response to one of the TMEA essay contest questions found here under the Division-College pulldown menu. Maximum length 2,000 words.
  • A statement of intent. Identify your reasons for pursuing graduate work in Music Education and the benefits you anticipate deriving from this degree. Please also include reasons for pursuing the degree at Baylor University specifically, and through the Baylor School of Music.


After you have been admitted to both the Graduate School and the School of Music, your application process is complete. We strongly encourage you to apply for financial aid. Additionally, you need to prepare for your move to Waco. For information on financial aid, check the Financial Aid tab on this page. Click here for information on living in Waco.

Final Project & Oral Examination

The capstone of the Master of Music in Music Education Degree is the Final Project. This project is selected by the student and is designed to demonstrate the candidate's ability to integrate research and practice, and is an essential component of the final oral examination. For more information on the Final Project, click here.

Degree Plan Outline

Course Number Required Courses Hours
MUS 5302 Analytical Techniques 3
MUS 53XX Music History (5321, 5322, 5326, 5327 or 5328) 3
MUS 5334 Introduction to Graduate Study in Music Education 3
MUS 5330 Trends in Music Education 3
MUS 5332 Research in Music Education 3
MUS 5137 Graduate Seminar in Music Education (1 credit hour each semester) 4
Various 11 Elective Hours 11
Total Hours 30

Diagnostic Examinations are required at program entry to determine required courses. 30 hour total includes a 1- hour cumulative oral examination at the conclusion of the program.

There are many types of financial assistance available to those wishing to pursue a Master's of Music in Music Education at Baylor.

Graduate Assistantships in Music Education

For the entering Fall 2018 class, assistantships will be available for band, choral, string, and elementary general specialists. These competitive awards will be available to qualified applicants who meet all admissions requirements and are able to assist in teaching and/or research within the Music Education Division. Assistantships include 30 hours of tuition remission and a stipend. For more information about assistantships, please contact the Music Education faculty in your speciality area.

Coaching & Teaching Opportunities

Numerous opportunities for teaching private lessons and coaching are available as a privately contracted instructor at many of the public and private schools in the Greater Waco area. Contact the Music Education faculty members to find out more.