Students who are interested in participating in the Opera Program should sign-up for the Opera Auditions that are held annually the first week of school. From these auditions, all opera projects for the entire school year will be chosen and cast. Students need two contrasting selections memorized and prepared for these auditions. These selections can be any literature that is approved by the student's individual vocal teacher they do not need to be opera arias. Students should choose selections that show their vocal talents to best advantage. The student will perform the selection of their choice and the committee may, or may not, ask for the additional selection.

The Opera Program works closely with the Voice Department. Students are expected to consult with their voice teachers concerning issues of specific vocal technique and the singing of a particular role.

If a student wishes to participate in opera chorus but not be considered for a major role they should sign up and audition like everyone else and indicate on the form provided that their interest is limited to opera chorus only. If there are students who are interested in participated in the technical portion of the opera, but not singing, these students should contact the Director of Opera to obtain an information sheet that they can turn in without having to sing an audition. This applies to any technical area from set building to make-up and hair preparation.

Opera Workshop is the most intensive ensemble on the Baylor, or any other campus with regard to the hours that students will be required to put in to participate in the ensemble. Class time is currently M/W/F from 3PM to 3:50PM. However, students should also be prepared for private coachings on their music outside of class time. These assignments will be made using schedules that will be provided by the students at the beginning of each semester. It will also be necessary to have night rehearsals for major projects leading up to the actual production. In addition, everyone participating in the opera workshop will have to perform a certain number of hours of service within a technical area. Without students helping in this capacity, the production of operas on this campus would not currently be possible. Be assured that the Director of Opera will also be putting many hours into the technical side of the opera production. You will not be asked to do anything to do that the Opera Professor himself does not do.

The Director of Opera and Voice Faculty realize that the hours required to participate in Opera Workshop are far in excess of the current credit given for this class. Discussions are underway to try and remedy this situation.

The appropriate course to enroll in is MUS 0104 (Opera) and the course grants one hour of credit.