Mayborn Museum


Status Update

Due to safety concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not accepting new volunteer applications at this time.
The Teen Volunteer program has been cancelled for Summer 2021. We are looking forward to welcoming back our teen volunteers next summer.

Become a Jeanes Team Volunteer!

Named in honor of Harry and Anna Jeanes, our Volunteer Team enriches the museum experience for visitors by helping them interact with our indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Volunteer Opportunities Available


Purpose of the Position: To introduce guests to the Mayborn Museum and offer wayfinding resources, exhibit information, and assist guests with other questions as needed. Greeters will act as a reliable point of contact for visitors to refer to as they enjoy the museum.

General Description: A Greeter will act as a point of contact for all guest questions regarding exhibit content, museum wayfinding, and other questions they may have. Greeters provide direction to additional educational resources such as visitor maps, scavenger hunts, and Spark Carts, located throughout the museum. This position offers a more personal guest experience to all Mayborn visitors by helping to foster a welcoming, safe, and supportive educational experience.

    Essential Duties:
  • A Greeter is expected to communicate effectively and appropriately with Mayborn Museum guests of all ages.
  • This volunteer will remain in the entry rotunda and is encouraged to be seated or standing near the welcome table. Greeters will provide direction throughout the museum by handing out maps, scavenger hunts, and other informational pamphlets to guests as needed.

Purpose of the Position: To answer and address visitor questions in the museum galleries. The Interpreter will be tasked with facilitating discussion and encouraging exploration throughout the exhibit.

General Description: An Interpreter will work either in an indoor gallery or in the Historic Village and provide interested guests with additional information about the exhibits. This position will offer guests with a deeper discussion about the exhibits and offer direction toward additional educational resources.

Interpreters in the Historic Village are encouraged, but not expected, to wear period accurate clothing the help add an extra layer of depth to their interpretation of the village.

    Essential Duties:
  • Provide professional and accurate representation of the Mayborn Museum and its exhibit content.
  • Facilitate appropriate and engaging discussion about the exhibits.
  • Ensure guests are safely enjoying the museum and notifying the appropriate staff member if any concerns arise.
  • Educate guests on the material presented in the galleries.
  • This position requires standing and talking for most the shift.

Other Opportunities:

We also work with Baylor Student Organizations whose members need service hours as a requirement for membership.

Teen volunteers serve during the summer months. Interested teens must have completed the ninth grade. Applications are closed for the Summer 2022 Teen Volunteer Program.

Mayborn Museum Volunteer Guidelines:

All Mayborn Museum Volunteers are required to:
  • Undergo a background check
  • Fill out a volunteer release form
  • Attend engagement trainings

There is no minimum commitment for volunteering, but we would love to have you volunteer regularly!

No museum or teaching background is needed! All you need is an interest in the museum and a passion for interacting with guests of all ages. We’ll train you on the rest!

Interested in Volunteering? Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to A_Love@baylor.edu or call (254)710-1217 for more information!