B.S. in Applied Mathematics

Purpose: To provide the student with a basic background in mathematics and to provide training that emphasizes mathematics applicable to business, industry, and government. Students who plan to work in business and industry are advised to pursue this degree.

For Catalogs 2013 or Later:

Mathematics Requirements:
A. Each of the following courses:
MTH 1321, 1322, 2321 Calculus I-III
MTH 2311 Linear Algebra
MTH 3300 Foundations of Mathematics
STA 3381 Statistical Methods

B. One of MTH 3312, 3323, 4314 or 4326

C. Three courses from one of the following groups:
Group 1: STA 4382, 4385, 4386, 4387
Group 2: MTH 3325, 3326, 4329
Group 3: MTH 3324, 4322, 4328
D. Three additional math courses at the 3000 or 4000 level.

E. At least three courses must be at the 4000 level.

F. Grade C or better in 39 hours of math courses used for the major.

Other requirements:

CSI 1430 and 1440


Sid Richardson Science Building
1410 S.4th Street
Waco, TX 76706

(254) 710-3561