November 2004 - San Antonio Conference

Natalie Bates
Cameron Boone
Chase Browning ---- Outstanding Delegate ---- CICAD and GA
Ricardo Carrillo
Patrick Cuff
Leah Davis
Krista Glova ----Distinguished Delegate ---- IACHR
Stephanie Hagglund
Caleb Jones
Ray Lopez
Glen Miller
Ryan Miller
Tony Samp
Laura Samudio ---- President Elect
Robert Slater
Leticia Silva
Luis Vivaldi ---- Outstanding Delegate ---- Unit for the Promotion of Democracy
Lisette Vitta ----Outstanding Delegate ---- IACHR


Spring 2005 - Washington D.C. Model

Ray Lopez - Chair
Chase Browning - General Committee
Rob Slater - General Committee
Patrick Cuff - 1st
Caleb Jones - 1st
Tony Samp - 2A
Luis Vivaldi - 2A
Lisette Vitta - 2B
Leticia Silva - 2B
Ricardo Carrillo - 3rd
Krista Glova - 3rd
Laura Samudio - Rapporteur