Student Experiences

"Baylor MOAS is a worthwhile, fun, in-depth educational experience. Students gather together, research, debate and bond over issues, people and cultures in Latin American countries many will never visit. Our shared tasks and experience expand our minds outside the "bubble" and challenge su to see ourselves not in terms of "us" and "them" but we together. MOAS alumni have traveled all over the globe, they are teachers, writers, peace corp members, humanitarians. They are some of the brightest students Baylor produces and will no doubt be successful throughout their lives. MOAs gathers together strangers with a shared purpose to learn and to care about a world outside themselves and produces friends for a lifetime. The friends I made in MOAS I still keep in contact with. The competitive spirit of the team, the shared agony of resolution writing and revision, and having to meet Dr. Supplee's high standards and the trill of repeated commendations and awards are all a part of the MOAS experience. I am still reaping the rewards both academic and personal from my experience."
-Joanna Cattanach

Palriamentary Workshop - Monterrey, Mexico (w x h, 0 KB)
Parliamentary Workshop - Monterrey, Mexico

"MOAS provided many valuable experiences for me during my time at Baylor. I was able to form friendships with students at Baylor, across the country, and even in places like Guatemala and Argentina. It helped to develop many useful skills, including public speaking, negotiating, teamwork and leadership. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed me to develop a better sense of the world around me and issues that affect every country. I was able to better understand the role that organizations such as the OAS and UN play in international politics. MOAS was truly one of the most valuable experiences I had during my time at Baylor."
-Eric Heraly

Parliamentary Practice - Monterrey 05 (w x h, 0 KB)
Parliamentary Practice at Workshop - Monterrey, Mexico