Recent Homiletical Thought

About the RHT Database

An annotated list of journal articles, books, and theses/dissertations around the field of homiletics.

Each citation will be assigned to at least one of the following topics:

General Works Preaching and Theology
The Preacher
The Congregation
The Setting - Liturgical
The Setting - Special Occasions
The Sermon Delivery
History - Individual Preachers
History - Groups
History - Periods

The annotations range from a sentence to a paragraph. The initial dataset contains 2,370 citations. Anticipated additions are 2,000 new records per year for the next five years. Visit the GitHub Page for data and technical specifications.

The Database
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We graciously invite and welcome contributions. Below is a link to a public Excel Online document. On the bottom left are three tabs: Journal Articles, Books, and Theses/Dissertations. Add a new record in the appropriate tab. Submissions will be reviewed by Truett Theological Seminary researchers and then added to the RHT Database.

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