Video Production Space Funding Opportunity

Photo of camera technology on display

The Library and Academic Technology Services (LATS) department in the University Libraries is invested in innovation in teaching and learning, instructional design, multimedia consultation, and multimedia spaces and equipment. Adding capacity for video production services and other interactive media development is a natural next path and aligns with LATS’ mission and identified growth areas, which include developing further as a hub for innovative technologies for teaching and learning. For Baylor University Libraries, a production suite would add services in line with a library’s core work: partnering with faculty to provide resources for excellence in teaching and research. We are uniquely positioned to to fill this critical need in the university for video production.

We are seeking funding to create a campus video production suite to assist faculty with developing the variety of media formats needed to effectively engage students online. A three-part solution will be deployed:

  • Work with Library and University leadership to locate and develop a centralized media production suite.
  • Staff media production suite with a creative team that excels in the pre-production, production and post-production of media content including video and audio.
  • Build efficient workflows to maximize the media production suite’s utilization.

An initial consultant cost of $3000 is needed to scope the project and determine specifications. Lowest cost is $100,000 for a faculty-specific DIY video studio, which, though it doesn’t include additional staff or add production services, would be a significant improvement for faculty over our student-specific video studio. Upper cost is $1.3 million for a full production studio and networked AV solution that would include an in-house production studio and production staff, and also leverage existing, distributed classroom technology with the library’s production control room to produce live class, conference, and signature event content.

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