Faculty & Staff

Kathy Hillman
Associate Professor, Director of the Keston Center for Religion, Politics, and Society and Director of Baptist Collections and Library Advancement
Janice Losak
Library Information Specialist III
Larisa Seago
Library Information Specialist V

Russian Language Specialist

Tanya Clark
Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Church and State and Part-Time Russian Language Translator

Student Assistants

Anna Williams
Undergraduate Student Assistant
Tesia Juraschek
Graduate Student Assistant

Additional Faculty

By drawing upon its rich resources, Baylor University offers a wide range of courses that intersect with the mission of the Keston Center. These include classes in Russian and East European languages and Asian Studies, as well as Religion, Theology, History and Political Science. Many Baylor faculty who teach in these areas serve on the Keston Advisory Board and work closely with the Keston Center faculty and staff.