Dean of Libraries Priorities

Baylor students and faculty deserve the very best in academic support, whether that be research materials, computer facilities, or a comfortable learning environment. Your gift to the Library Dean's Excellence Fund provides the greatest flexibility and most immediate impact for making investments in the future of the Baylor Libraries. Gifts to this fund support the creation of engaging spaces, technology solutions to support learning, investments in the areas of greatest need, support for libraries programming, and additions to our research collections. Your gift toward the Library Dean's Excellence Fund contributes toward your standing as a Library Fellow.

What Are Dean Archer's Current Priorities?

Priorities for use of Dean's Excellence Fund (DEF) resources focus on two major areas: continued upgrades throughout Moody and Jones Libraries, and funding faculty use of Open Educational Resources (OER) that emphasize public domain and freely available resources wherever possible, thereby reducing the out-of-pocket textbook costs incurred by students.

What Else Does the Dean's Excellence Fund Support?

Examples of projects funded by the Library Dean's Excellence Fund include powered and lighted study tables for the Rowe Reading Lounge (Moody 2nd floor); critical support for the creation of the Black Gospel Archive & Listening Center; and funding for temporary employees critical to project infrastructure. Gifts to the Dean's Excellence Fund can also be used to ensure access to research materials as part of our collection of Alumni Resources.

Library Fellows

Donors become Library Fellows by giving $1,000 or more annually to support the Baylor University Libraries in achieving excellence. Contributions can be made to any library fund and help provide resources critical for students and faculty in attaining scholarly goals and creating an environment for comfortable study and active learning.

Library Fellows receive advance notice of library activities and invitations to exclusive events. Members also have opportunities to engage with rare collections and request "behind-the-scenes" tours.

For more information on the Library Fellows, please contact the Libraries at (254) 710-3200 or email. 

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