About Data & Digital Scholarship

The mission of the Baylor Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Program is to integrate digital research tools and techniques into campus research and curricula.

Types of Projects

Text Data Mining

Parse and structure words and phrases within texts in order to identify patterns, trends, topics, similarities, and more. See examples of text data mining projects. Graph of data mining

Example of a text data mining project using HTRC's Bookworm Tool.
Data Visualization

Represent data in a symbolic visual environment in order to help explore and understand datasets (interactive visualization) or to convey a story or point of view (infographic). See examples of data visualization projects.

Examples of a data visualization tool

Example of a data visualization tool, the Database of Baylor Biblical Art.

Geospatial Analysis

Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools to question, analyze, and interpret spatial (location-based) and non-spatial (tabular) data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. See examples of geospatial analysis projects.

Geospatial Analysis graph

Example of a geospatial analysis project, Children at Risk Index: Adjacent Vacant Church Properties

Data & Digital Scholarship Team

Josh Been
Associate Librarian and Director of Data and Digital Scholarship
Christina Chan-Park
Associate Librarian and STEM Coordinator
Daechan Lee
Undergraduate Student Assistant, Research & Engagement
Xana Toth
Graduate Research Assistant, Research & Engagement
Millicent Weber
Data Science Librarian

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