Tattooed on My Soul: Texas Veterans Remember WWII

For 45 years the Baylor University Institute for Oral History has dutifully gathered the eyewitness testimonies of WWII veterans living in the state of Texas. Now seventeen of the most compelling narratives are available in the most recent BUIOH publication, "Tattooed on My Soul: Texas Veterans Remember World War II."

Edited by Director Stephen M. Sloan, Associate Director Lois E. Myers and Editor Michelle Holland, this volume is divided into three sections covering the beginning, middle, and end of the war. These sections include veterans from all branches of service and from Texas cities small and large. Many of the veterans chosen for this book were lifelong Texans, and all but one was interviewed while living in Texas.

On land, in air, and by sea, in the Pacific and in Europe, these veterans fought for America's future. With the clear ring of authenticity and a surprising immediacy, even after all these years, their stories make a global war deeply personal, and absolutely indelible.

Vincent Bosquez of the San Antonio Express-News states: “'Tattooed on My Soul' does not focus on the events that lead to World War II, military combat strategy or the rebuilding of tattered nations. Instead, it is an amazing march through history that personalizes the deadliest war ever fought and gives today’s reader a glimpse into the lives of Texas’ WWII service members who may soon be gone."

"Tattooed on My Soul," published by Texas A&M University Press as part of the Williams-Ford Military History Series, is now available through Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle formats.