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Special Collections Teaching Fellowship

This summer the Poage Library is offering two teaching fellowships to encourage the use of the library’s collections in Baylor graduate and undergraduate curricula.

  • The fellowships are open to full-time Baylor faculty members (which can include tenured and tenure-track faculty, regular lecturers, and senior lecturers) and
  • Graduate teaching assistants (teachers of record)

Past recipients of teaching fellowships who wish to explore additional possibilities are eligible to reapply. Preference, however, may be given to first-time applicants. New in 2022, applicants may submit a proposal for incorporating special collections into an online course.

Recipients of the teaching fellowships will receive a stipend of $1,250 (pretax) and are expected to spend at least one week (20 hours minimum) at the Poage Library where they will be paired with a librarian who can provide guidance on the library’s facilities, collections, and services. The specific week chosen should be convenient to both the teaching fellow and his or her partner librarian and should occur between May 15 and August 11. Fellows incorporating materials into an online course will additionally partner with a member of Baylor’s Learning Design team.

Teaching fellows will be required to submit a 1-2 page document containing a description of how they intend to incorporate collection materials into a course. This document is due no later than two weeks after the fellow’s time in residence. Teaching fellows will also be expected to share their experiences with other faculty and graduate students by presenting on how they used collection materials in their classes in one of the Academy for Teaching and Learning’s Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (SET) or in another appropriate venue.

To apply, candidates should send a curriculum vitae and a brief statement (not to exceed two pages) describing the course for which they intend to use the library’s collections and the learning objectives they hope to achieve. Applicants should also indicate when they will be available to complete the fellowship at the library. The application materials should be sent by email to Mary Goolsby, Director of the Poage Library, by April 17, 2023. Recipients will be notified by April 28, 2023.

Applications will be evaluated based on their potential to enhance teaching and learning and will be reviewed by a committee.  Recommendations will be sent to the Dean of University Libraries who will make the final decision.

For additional information about the Teaching Fellows program, contact

Dowdy Research Grant

Poage Library seeks to assist researchers through the John and JD Dowdy Memorial Congressional Research Endowed Fund which provides financial support for on-campus work in the library's congressional collections. The Dowdy Research Grant provides awards up to $500.00. Applications are accepted throughout the year.


  1. The grant is open to both academic and non-academic applicants.
  2. Research projects must include use of at least one of the library's congressional collections.
  3. Applicants will be required to submit a description of the research project (a 250-word limit) and a proposed budget.
  4. Each proposal should be aimed at a discrete end product. Monographs and journal articles will receive primary consideration. Theses and dissertations will constitute a second priority group. Exhibits and other artistic works are also open for consideration.
  5. Budgets will be examined and approved in whole or in part. Research grants will be limited in amounts ranging up to $500.00. Funds are ordinarily provided to defray travel expenses. Other expenses incident to the use of the archives, however, may be considered. Funds may not be used for employment of local researchers for preliminary or post-visit work.
  6. Each successful applicant is required to include appropriate acknowledgement in any work produced with the assistance of this support. A copy of each resulting published work must be forwarded to the Poage Library in a timely fashion.
  7. Applicants are limited to one funded proposal every three years.
  8. Successful applicants must complete a W-9 in order to receive the grant.

Application Process:

Please download the Dowdy Research Grant Application and submit it to:

W. R. Poage Legislative Library
Dowdy Research Grant
One Bear Place #97153
Waco, Texas 76798-7153

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Awardees will be notified within 2 weeks of submitting an application.

For more information, please contact Poage Library at 254-710-3540.





Association of Centers for the Study of Congress Grants for Research in Congressional Collections


Poage Library is a proud member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress. ACSC which provides grants for research in Congressional collections." ACSC institutional members will be eligible to apply for individual grants not to exceed $250 on behalf of individuals conducting research in an ACSC member's congressional collections. Note that this grants program is unusual in that grants are awarded after research has been conducted.

For further information, contact Poage Library at 254-710-3540.

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