Civic Engagement

Poage Library is focused on the health of our representative democracy. We promote original research by faculty and students into various aspects of politics and Congress. Further, our holdings serve as a national resource to historians, political scientists, media and the public interested in our representative institutions. We actively promotes a wider understanding and appreciation of Congress and the political process through a variety of public events.

Chet Edwards, W. R. Poage Distinguished Chair of Public Service

Chet's speech at the Civic Life Summit 2017 can be seen HERE.

>Former Congressman Chet Edwards is in residence two weeks each semester to speak with classes, groups and individual faculty and students. He enjoys talking about public service and encouraging students to be involved in their communities. Chet, seen here with future social studies teachers, reinforces the importance of their field in helping secure an educated electorate.

iEngage Summer Civics Institute

Since 2012, BCPM has participated in the Baylor School of Education's iEngage Summer Civics Institute. Generously funded by the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, iEngage is a five-day civics day camp designed to help students learn how to make a difference in their neighborhood, school, and community. Participants build important leadership skills through interactions with local civic leaders, simulations, and service-learning. At BCPM, Institute students study the relationship between citizens and their elected officials. Past learning stations included "Make Your Voice Heard: Writing Your Elected Official" and "Being Heard: Advocating for Your Cause."

"Our partnership with the Baylor Collections of Political Materials has allowed us to show students unique and engaging accounts of civic advocacy and community improvement through a variety of primary sources. Students are able to see firsthand how others have engaged in civic advocacy at the local, state, and national level and in turn are able to envision how they might continue civic advocacy efforts." - Dr. Brooke Blevins and Dr. Karon LeCompte, Baylor School of Education

Community Issue Guide

Association of Centers for the Study of Congress-Kettering Foundation Partnership

As a member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress (ACSC), BCPM is dedicated to the study and practice of representative democracy. A key component of that process is the healthy deliberation of important issues. Seven ACSC member institutions, including the BCPM, partnered with the Kettering Foundation (Dayton, OH) to name and frame an issue through the deliberative dialog process. In 2014, a community issue guide was published: "The Divided State of America: How can we get work done even when we disagree?" If you are interested in hosting or joining an issue forum, please contact us at

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